Our Story

The i-HRM Consultancy story is one that will ring true with a number of small business owners that have decided to go it alone. We are a partnership formed in 2006 by two friends frustrated with the 9-5 corporate lifestyle, we are part of a larger Company called CandCR Limited a Cypriot Group of Companies that have been servicing different small to medium businesses not only in Cyprus but in Europe as a wider market.

Like a lot of small businesses we have learnt the hard way, making mistakes thanks to the challenges of the small business world. However we have also felt the elation of success – we started i-HRM before the majority of businesses were really ready for the importance of HR within their companies but we were well placed as the Cypriot Business Sector started to change in regards of the requirement and the implementation of GDPR which has drastically changed the HR  Processes but allowing us a doubling of turnover year on year whilst also somehow finding the time to enjoy our lives on this beautiful island.

We’ve worked within the European market for over 10 years now and so we understand the ways that don’t work as well as those that do, we have good working relationships with accounting, legal, taxation and social/ national insurance personal allowing us good communication with departments that are not that easy to work with.

Why are we better than the rest?

We need to get to know your business from the inside out because we are passionate about businesses we work with especially inspired by the ability to grow from nothing through hard graft and creative entrepreneurship. Whether your challenges come from reduced profits, family politics, or Trustee Board meetings we’ve normally been there many times before and helped overcome what on first appearance seems impossible.

We are able to supply what you need when you need it with skill levels that will normally outstrip the budget that small businesses have for full time HR staff!

We are expanding

If you’re ready for a change, and have a strong employee relations background, we’d love to hear from you.

You won’t always go for the easy answer if you think the end result will be better, and you’ll be prepared for a challenge.

You will be ready to build your own branch of our business to be the best it can be, under one unique, forward thinking brand.

Lastly, you’ll absolutely love working with people to improve their business too.

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